Business Areas

Corporate Finance Advisory

We provide impartial, expert advice and services dealing with mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and optimisation, debt and equity restructuring, structured finance and succession planning (corporate and personal).  We solve our clients’ complex business problems, and devise strategies to help them succeed.

Merchant Banking

Our Merchant Banking business deploys the firm’s capital alongside that of our trusted partners in investment opportunities.  Investment opportunities often come from long-term clients that require additional capital for business development and expansion.  Additionally opportunities outside of our existing client network are also assessed for investment suitability.  We like to invest with entrepreneurs, helping them to develop their businesses and achieve success.

Bespoke funding can be provided when a creative short term lending solution is required, be that for M&A (MBO or MBI), working capital, bridging a specific event, restructuring or when long term funding is delayed. We will also underwrite deals, offer letters of credit and guarantees.

Our Merchant Banking business manages selected investors’ funds through Mackinnon Investment Limited, which is an investment vehicle offering investors attractive long-term, risk adjusted capital growth.

Investment Management

Our Investment Management business is often a natural extension of relationships we have with Corporate Finance and Merchant Banking clients.  We offer objective advice and active investment management to wealthy individuals and families.  We take a holistic view of our clients’ wealth, never a simplistic snapshot of a portfolio.  Our investment management is global in reach, and all research and investment decisions are done in house.